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by Sean Hill

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The best thing I can say is what a number of people have told me... "I mean this in a good way: I don't even like poetry. But what you did...I like it. I like it alot."

I essentially have combined the best of hip hop elements (like rhyme & beatboxing) with fun, funny, and sincere universal storytelling delivering passionate positive poetry for passionate positive living.

The first piece sums up what I do, why I do it, and what I enjoy.

The last piece, Non Violent War, is what I would say to everyone on the planet if I had only one poem to say before I died.

Certain tracks are based on true stories, others, true feelings.

All of them together...are my last words to the world. Everything I would want to say about life, love, and everything we wish we could say to each other. Maybe even to ourselves.

They are also my own pep talks. Self reminders and things that help me stay focused on this lovely, crazy, beautiful spinning earth. Yes, I talk to myself. Not afraid to admit it. =)

Notable accolades of the poems: I've shared poems from this album on two movies, one poem was requested by Andy Grammer at a New York concert he invited me out to (check him out only if you want to feel REALLY good inside...), and I've dedicated a love poem from here to really great close friends of mine for their weddings. UBER amounts of love are contained in this album. Buyer Beware.


I would love for this album to spread, like lightning love at the speed of light, to everyone and anyone on this planet. Especially give/share this with people who you don't talk to anymore, dislike, or just have trouble hanging out with. I would truly appreciate it. It may benefit you more than you know. Sometimes listening to poetry can remind us to listen to the better parts of ourselves, deeply buried at times, but easier to reach than we think. More worth it than we could imagine.

Sincerity, truth, love, fun, and comedy.

Besides that...I think I think I made up everything else. =D

Enjoy. Thank you. So much.


Here's a website

~ (<My online HOME & hub for world peace through inner peace and honest self expression.)

~ (<Mediation Music)

This awesome DJ/Musician GKEN-E remixed my poetry over his beat! Please support him and the charity your purchase will go to:

"20% of the proceeds will be donated to, a charity that provides underprivileged children with music instruments and music education." - Taken from GKEN-E's bandcamp page)

~ New 9 piece band I'm in: The Ki! Next shows in Dec. Stay tuned!

~ Booking as host/performer for your event, birthday, wedding, open mic, conference, fundrasier, farmer's market, cause, or whatever else you may have in mind:

Thanks for your time.
No receipt on it.
So I plan to use it wisely =)


and if you're buying/listening to this from afar...

I sincerely hope to meet you one day =)

~ Deep Fun Quotes ~

"The funny thing is / in my war / everyone truly lives" - Sean Hill

"Evil is good or truth misplaced" - Gandhi

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the dark" - Chinese Proverb

“Eventually you will come to understand that love heals everything,
and love is all there is.” - Gary Zukav



(Is it weird that I quoted Let me know! All love! peace =)


released April 21, 2012

Damon Rey: Producer / Accompaniment on track 10
Jeremy Harris: Mastererer
Written & Performed by: Sean Hill
Photography: Johnny Rojas
Album Design / Photo Editing: Sean Hill
Received through a beautiful open mind by: You. Yup. YOU!



all rights reserved


Sean Hill Los Angeles, California

Spread myself like peanut butter
jamming out in the heart
pierce dark with light in
no one wins in a fight
so I love both sides
confront challenges with understanding
no I because "I" got here through we
so when I say "I"
know I mean "you"
are beautiful. Every way
Easy to say, easy to know
every show so much love
you are what dreams dream of =D

~SAG Actor ~ Host ~ Spoken Word Artist ~ Human ~
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